About the Band

The Homecoming String Band are an energetic celebration of the huge contribution Scotland has made to American Folk Music. They bring some of the best music back over the Atlantic to find its roots – blending Appalachian and Bluegrass tunes and songs with Scottish jigs and reels, and a sprinkling of their favourite music from both the UK and USA folk/roots scene.

Five professional musicians, looking for a fresh sound after years of playing in a variety of bands and styles,have brought these influences together to create a unique and uplifting sound. Soaring vocal harmonies, and a tight rhythm section complimented with high octane acoustic guitar, banjo and fiddle make every gig an exciting occasion. These are players who genuinely love what they’re doing, and feel honoured to ‘get the party started’ – whether that’s playing ‘unplugged’ for an outdoor party around a campfire, a traditional wedding ceilidh, or a festival crowd of 5,000. They prefer to play in their full five-piece form, but can offer a 4 or 3 piece band for smaller events or where budgets are limited. Every player has an experienced ‘substitute’ to give diary flexibility while ensuring no loss of quality in the band’s performance.

Since their formation in early 2008 the band have developed a strong set of principles:

  • being as fun to listen to as to dance to (and not being deafeningly loud as guests like to chat at parties too.)
  • making ceilidh dancing non-threatening and inclusive, by teaching and calling dances in a friendly, fun and straightforward style. They pride themselves on full dance floors even where participants have no prior ceilidh experience (and no English, in some cases!)
  • giving each performance 100% and treating every client as if they were a friend rather than just a customer – that means good communication before and during the event, approaching every piece of work as unique and special, and creating a warm rapport with their audience as well as showing a high level of professionalism and skill in their work.
  • Being true to their original concept for the band. They perform an occasional ‘cover’ song in a folky/bluegrass style, but the majority of their repertoire is traditional songs and tunes from America and Scotland.