Bluegrass Ceilidh

A new and refreshing take on the traditional Ceilidh. Classic and modern-day Scottish dances, taught and led by our experienced callers, set to some of the best USA/UK folk music. See below for the current dance list. Old favourites are given a fresh feel by using alternative songs and tunes, while lesser-known dances are made easy through clear teaching and irresistible music.

The band can work with any size of audience. They play and ‘call’ set dances as well as a varied repertoire of bluegrass, folk, country and contemporary music in between dances to give everyone a ‘breather’ and create a dynamic atmosphere. Freestyle dancing to songs is highly likely in between the ceilidh numbers – it is amazing how bluegrass and roots music motivates people to stamp, clap and kick up their heels! Perfect for weddings, parties and festivals. The band members are all seasoned performers who love getting a crowd going. They also have plenty of mellow material for quieter moments, slow waltzes, and the bride and groom’s first dance together.

Ceilidh repertoire

Gay Gordons
Dashing White Sergeant
Strip the Willow (Traditional and Orcadian)
Canadian Barn Dance
Military Two-Step
Virginia Reel
Circassian Circle
The Flying Scotsman
St Bernard’s Waltz
Pride of Erin Walz
Heel-toe Polka
Cumberland Square Eight
Russian Circle Dance
Circles Four
OXO Reel